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2020 Subject Selections


Targeted planning and research of individual student pathways underpin the subject selection process at Adelaide High School.

Pastoral Care Group Teachers will work with students to ensure prerequisites for particular subject choices and post-secondary pathways are met. In Pastoral Care Group students will be exposed to a targeted program to allow them to select correct subjects for their learning and future study needs.

Students will be uploading their selections to an online selections program called Web Preferences. 

Middle School Subject Selections

The Middle School subject selections for Years 8 into 9 and 9 into 10 will be completed in Pastoral Care Group. Year 8 & 9 students selecting subjects for 2020 will do this with their Pastoral Care teacher during the term and must have parent approval prior to submitting subject preferences for 2020. 

Senior School Subject Selections

The Senior School subject selections for Year 10 into 11 and 11 into 12 will be completed via a conference with a subject counsellor. Please make an appointment time using the SOBS online booking system.

The Year 10 into 11 Subject Counselling day will occur on Tuesday 20/8/19

The Year 11 into 12 counselling day will occur on Thursday 22/8/19

  • Please note that only Year 11 students will not need to attend scheduled lessons on the 22/8/19. They will attend their 10 minute interview ONLY.

On both the 20/8 and 22/8, Year 8, 9 and 12 students are required at school and their lessons will run as normal.

The Pastoral Care Program starting Week 3 Term 3, will include:

  • Year Level student information sessions as part of the Pastoral Care Program
  • Outline of the AHS Curriculum Handbook for 2020
  • Web Based Subject Selections using the Web Preferences Portal (for instructions please click here)
  • Career Planning Information 
  • Practice/guided support activities and subject selection sheets for Pastoral Care Group activities
  • Pastoral Care Group teacher support and guidance for students to make informed decisions about subject selections 

Key Links:

Curriculum Handbook 2020
Web Preferences Student Portal

Web Preferences Instructions:

Subject Counselling Bookings

Other Information

SACE Information for Year 10, 11 and 12 Students

SATAC Information for Year 11 and 12 Students

Thank you for your support and understanding of this process. If you wish to discuss information regarding your child’s subject selections please contact their Pastoral Care Group Teacher.

Mark Woolfall | Assistant Principal: Curriculum Directions
Matt Freeman | Leader: Timetable and Course Selections