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Parent Teacher Conference Details

Image of PTO logo Adelaide High School’s Parent-Teacher conferences will be online in Term 3, 2021.

Parent-Teacher interviews will be conducted for Years 8 - 12 from 1.40pm to 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.  Interviews will be of 8 minutes duration.

For this cycle, we are continuing video conferencing in place of face-to-face interviews with subject teachers. The process for booking conferences for parents is identical to Term 1.

Bookings open 6.00pm, Tuesday, August 17 2021.

Notes for Online Meetings

  • The booking platform will close at 3pm on 23 August, 2021.
  • Parents will join the Webex online meetings and ‘wait in the lobby’ until the teacher brings them in to the meeting at the appointment time.
  • A link to simple online training in how to use Webex is available here.
  • Please include students wherever possible in your meetings with teachers. If students properly identify themselves, they can join the meeting with another device using the same link as the parent.
  • A quiet, well lit, private space is recommended for interviews
  • If technical problems mean the Webex meeting cannot go ahead or continue, teachers will attempt to make contact via mobile phone to continue the meeting. 

Please access the system as follows:

  • Click the PTO icon Image of PTO logo  For equal access, the system will be activated to allow bookings from 6pm on Tuesday.
  • Parents will need to obtain their login details by clicking on "Obtain PIN/Password" on the login screen. Any parent can then enter his/her email address and PTO will then send an email to the parent(s),  which contains their login details: surname/login and PIN/password.