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International Ambassadors

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The International Ambassadors are student leaders whose main function is to support international students to participate in the school community and build connections with local students.


To develop intercultural understanding in the school


  • To seek out and foster relations with International students
  • To develop student leadership capacity for international mindedness


  • Welcoming international students to the school and providing orientation
  • Planning and holding events to include International students in the life of the School and its broader community
  • Facilitating formation of friendships between local and international students, e.g. through international club
  • Providing opportunities for development of English language skills and understanding for International Students
  • Sharing and appreciating intercultural perspectives
  • Liaising with other Student Leadership bodies to advocate interests of International Students

2019 International Ambassadors

Charlotte Fleming 
Annrose Giji 
Annie Ha 
Jasmine Kaur 
Dain Lee 
Lini Leng 
Jingya Liu 
Michelle Neumann  
Jennifer Nguyen 
Katherine Nguyen 
Sumika Nishiyama 
Navya Shaju 
Priyasha Sharma 
Riya Shiju 
Daveeda Ward