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Notice of Special Governing Council Meeting

TIME: 6.00 pm – 6.30 pm

All parents and caregivers of students who will be in Years 8 – 12 in 2019 are invited to attend a Special Governing Council Meeting on November 7 at which the Material & Services Charges for 2019 will be presented.  Council’s proposed Material & Services Charges have been established and a watermarked verification received from Department for Education Site Financial Services. A copy detailing the composition and amount of the proposed charge which Governing Council is recommending is attached for your information. 

The business of the November 7 meeting will be to hear the views of the Adelaide High School community about the composition and amount of the Materials and Services charges proposed for 2019.  Parents and caregivers who wish to make enquiries are asked to contact Shauna Kay (Adelaide High School Business Manager) on 8231 9373.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but want to provide comment to the Governing Council, you are invited to put your comments in writing and forward them to Mr Stephen Halliday, Chairperson, Adelaide High School Governing Council, West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000.

Following this, all parents of 2019 Year 8 to 12 students will be invited to participate in a poll relating to the Governing Council approved Materials and Services charges. A ballot paper will be sent to the parents of 2019 Year 8 to 12 students, with the poll closing on November 22.

If the parent vote shows a simple majority in favour of the Governing Council approved Materials and Services charges, the School can then apply to the Chief Executive, Department for Education, for approval to invoice families for the 2019 Materials and Services charges.

The Governing Council is focussed on ensuring that the 2019 Materials and Services charges enable the school to maintain standards which benefit all Adelaide High School students. We look for your support of the Governing Council in achieving this outcome.

Stephen Halliday
Governing Council Chairperson
2 October 2018