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Image of TYHA logoAdelaide High School was successful in receiving a Federal grant from the Department of Health and Ageing to conduct a Healthy Active Australia project during 2009.

Such was the success of the program that it has now become a permanent part of the Middle School program at Adelaide High School. 

Data gathered from the National 2007 Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey indicated a significant decrease in physical activity and nutrition between Year 8 and Year 10.

Our project is a student self-managed Physical Activity and Nutrition Portfolio entitled ‘Turn Your Health Around’ and it aims to reverse this trend and promote life-long learning.

All Year 8 and 9 students continue to be involved in a number of activities which will promote physical activity, awareness of self and the inclusion of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet.

Some of these activities include:

  • The Premier’s Be Active Challenge where students will record their physical activity each day and become eligible for many prizes and rewards.
  • The Turn Your Health Around Nutrition Diary where students will record their fruit and vegetable intake and accumulate points for House prizes.
  • Curriculum units in a number of Learning Areas.
  • Fitness tests conducted by the South Australian Sports Institute. 
  • Lunchtime activities and games.
  • A mini Physical Activity and Nutrition Expo coordinated by Year 10 students each semester.
  • The development of an outdoor physical activity centre.

This program is a rewards based approach designed to encourage students to self-manage their physical activity and nutrition and at the same time receive benefits for their efforts.

Year 10 students will be given the opportunity to mentor and provide leadership to Year 8 and 9 students to help them achieve their goals.

Another main aim of this project is to develop a school Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy which will equip students with self-awareness and skills to assist in self-management of a healthy lifestyle.

In order for this program to be successful it is highly dependent on parental support and encouragement for students to try new physical activities and to include a variety of fruits and vegetables as part of their regular diet.

There has been a great deal of government promotion on healthy living recently and this project is an opportunity for Adelaide High School to implement a ‘best practice’ model for other schools to adopt.

Let’s make our New Year’s resolution a healthy one and see if we can ‘Turn Your Health Around’.