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Special Language Entry

Adelaide High School is South Australia’s only Special Interest Language School.

Special Interest Language students study 2 languages other than English up until at least the end of Year 10. Languages study is compulsory for all other students in the middle years. Students may wish to study 1 or 2 languages with the opportunity to continue their language study into the senior years.

Students select from French, German, Italian, Japanese, Modern Standard Chinese, Modern Greek, Spanish and Auslan. A strong support program in English as a Second Language is also offered.

At Adelaide High, we believe learning a language offers the opportunity to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others
  • gain skills and strategies to communicate in another language
  • develop positive cross-cultural perspectives
  • extend the awareness and understanding of the structures of language, including English
  • appreciate and respect one’s own culture and the cultures of others
  • take advantage of the range of post-school options where languages can be used, including employment, education, training, travel, leisure, community and family involvement
  • develop a very marketable skill
  • participate in overseas study tours or exchanges
  • develop global citizenship capabilities.

Students at Adelaide High School:

  • may be accelerated in their languages study depending on their proficiency
  • may take up languages study in the senior years in SACE Board accelerated or background courses
  • take part in national tests
  • frequently have the opportunity to host students from another country.

Students applying for Special Language Entry are selected on the basis of :

  • A report from the student's current school.
  • Achievement in a series of tests organised by the school.
  • An interview at Adelaide High School.
  • A commitment to study two languages other than English for three years and at least one language until the end of Stage 2.

Information about this process is available from Adelaide High School and all Primary Schools in early March.

Please note: Special Language Entry applications for 2020 are now CLOSED.