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Year 10 Overview

year 10 2017

Mentor Group

The Year 10 Mentor Group program centres around the development of Wellbeing, Positive Education and the development of the AHS Graduate Qualities. 

Students will develop their character strengths and learn to use these to maximise their learning, relationships and wellbeing. The Year 10 students will participate in resilience training and focus on building 'grit'.

The SACE unit, Personal Learning Plan, forms the core of the Year 10 Pastoral Care program.

The students focus on the capabilities of the learning standards including Citizenship, Learning, Work, Communication and Personal Development. Throughout the year the students complete the 4 tasks tasks of the Personal Learning Plan. This includes assessment tasks based on their goal setting, career investigation, subject selections and pathways.

There is a strong focus on well being in the Year 10 Pastoral Care program.  This includes study skills, learning styles and physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Subject Choice for Year 10

 year 10 general  year 10 language  year 10 cricket
 Year 10 General Student  Year 10 Language Student  Year 10 Cricket/Rowing Student


The Year 10 course is set out below.

The curriculum at Year 10 offers a wide range of choice for students. There are opportunities to undertake some SACE subjects.

Special Language students are required to continue with their study of two languages other than English and all other students with at least one language other than English.

Students study:

  • English - full year
  • Mathematics - full year
  • Science - full year
  • Language 1 - full year
  • Language 2 - full year (Compulsory for Special Interest Language students)
  • HPE - 1 semester

There is a range of subjects which students may chose from under a number of Learning Areas. They are as follows:

  • Subjects offered in Humanities and Social Sciences include: History; Civics, Citizenship, Economics and Business; Innovation Studies.
  • Subjects offered in The Arts include: Art, Drama, Music, Digital Art, Design, Product Innovation, Theatre Production, Multimedia, Dance.
  • Subjects offered in Design & Digital Technologies include: Construction, Digital Systems, Photography, CAD, Rapid Prototyping, Information Processing and Publishing, Fabric & Textiles, Food Technology
  • Subjects offered in Health/PE include: Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Cricket, Rowing.
  • Students wanting to study Specialist Mathematics or Mathematical Methods will study an extra unit of Mathematics at Year 10.
  • Youth Leadership is offered as a Cross-Disciplinary subject.