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Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Adelaide High School provides specialised services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

chi2_2017Students enrolled in the Centre have access to all curriculum offerings and are supported by trained Teachers of the Deaf or support staff.

  • Students can be withdrawn from classes when the need arises for additional support in literacy or subject tuition.
  • Students may select subjects of their choice and the support provided within each class varies, depending on each individual student’s requirements. 
  • Various support strategies are provided, such as Auslan interpreting, note taking, and tutorial classes.
  • The curriculum is modified as required for student’s learning needs.
  • Senior students have a range of independent and supported learning environments.

The staff of the Centre:

  • Meet with students and families to develop an individual learning plan (OCOP). These are regularly reviewed and updated. 
  • Teachers of the Deaf work with subject teachers to develop teaching and learning plans which are differentiated across all areas of learning, including assessment.
  • Encourage students to develop a positive self-concept, both as an individual and as a learner.
  • Use the best form of communication as agreed in the OCOP – oral/aural, Auslan or a combination of both.
  • Liaise with subject teachers regarding the effect of hearing loss on learning and promote the use of visual materials and differentiated learning activities.
  • Assist students to maintain and manage hearing aids, cochlear implants and personal assistive devices. 
  • Maintain and further develop close links with employer groups, universities, TAFE, external agencies and other providers of education and employment.
  • Teachers of the Deaf liaise with Hearing Australia, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Audiology clinic, Deaf Can:Do and Can:Do 4 Kids. 

To encourage links with the Deaf community, students are invited to take part in special events including Deaf Sports Australia activities, National Week of Deaf People, events organised by Deaf Can:Do  and Can:Do 4 Kids and the End of Year Christmas Picnic. 

Enrolment Requirements

Students with bilateral hearing loss verified by audiologists have direct enrolment into the Centre. Applications from students are reviewed and considered by a Sensory Panel in the Department for Education. 

Please see the Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Enrolment page for further information.