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Pastoral Care Worker

 Providing pastoral support to Adelaide High School and linking families to community resources and services.

The Adelaide High School community is supported by Pastoral Support Worker, Bec Burfitt. Her role is to:

  • Pastorally support the school in its aim to be a safe learning environment and so contribute through involvement in a range of activities such as camps, excursions and lunchtime groups to provide support to individual students with the consent of their parents.
  • Link families to community resources and services by providing information about support and services available through community groups, including church groups.

The Pastoral Care Worker does not promote or discriminate on the grounds of any particular ideology, but works to enable a supportive, inclusive and caring environment within the school for all students.

The office of the Pastoral Care Worker is located in the Library and contact can be made with her through the Front Office of the school.


For many years Pastoral Care Workers (previously referred to as Chaplains) have worked in a number of South Australian Government Schools.  These workers are employed by the local Christian Ministers Association, local Inter-Church Council or an ecumenical Christian group and operate with the knowledge and support of the local clergy.  Their work is framed by an agreement between Department for Education and the Heads of Churches Schools Ministry Group (SMG).

Dimensions of Chaplaincy Dimensions of Chaplaincy_diagram