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House System

Image of House system

Students at Adelaide High School belong to one of four houses, Adey (red), Macghey (blue), Morriss (green) and West (yellow). 

The four Houses are named after the first two Principals of Adelaide High School and Adelaide Girls' High School.

Mr WJ Adey CMG, 1908 – 1920

Mr Adey was the first Principal of Adelaide High School and later went on to be Superintendant of Secondary Education and Director of Education. During his time as Principal he oversaw the development of the State’s first high school and the introduction of the Prefect system, the school magazine, school sport, the orchestra and the school choir. He fostered many of the traditions we at Adelaide High School still hold dear today.

Mr RA West OBE, 1920 – 1948

Mr West succeeded Mr Adey as Principal in 1920. He had been at the school since 1908 in various roles from Assistant Master to Senior Master and later Assistant Principal. He was the school’s longest serving Principal and in 1947 was awarded an OBE.

Miss MV Macghey OBE, 1951 – 1958

Miss Macghey was the first Principal of Adelaide Girls’ High School which came into being in 1951 following the split of Adelaide High School into two schools – Adelaide Boys’ High School on West Terrace and Adelaide Girls’ High School on the original site in Grote Street. Miss Macghey was a dynamic leader and educator who ensured the traditions of Adelaide High School were maintained in Adelaide Girls’ High School whilst building a girls’ school which was renowned for its strong academic excellence.

Miss E Morriss MBE, 1959 – 1962

Miss Morriss succeeded Miss Macghey as Principal of Adelaide Girls’ High School in 1959. Like Miss Macghey, she had been a student of Adelaide High School and later joined the staff in 1936. She was an outstanding teacher who fostered in her students a devotion to literature and subsequently numerous examination successes and awards.

Throughout the year the Houses compete for the prestigious SJ Dowdy House Cup, named in honour past Principal Stephen Dowdy. Houses are awarded points for the Athletics Carnival and the Swimming Carnival, along with a range of sporting and cultural activities. Students can also gain points for their House by participating in the wide variety of co-curricular programs offered by the school. Examples include; academic competitions, Premier’s Reading Challenge, Premier’s be active Challenge, hosting exchange students, school music and drama productions, playing sport, debating and chess.