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Vocational Education and Training

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Vocational Education and Training (VET) refers to the national vocational qualifications that are endorsed by industry.

Trainers of VET courses deliver units of competency from nationally recognised training packages. VET courses allow Years 10 – 12 students to:
personalise their learning pathways
develop and practice business specific skills
work towards attaining nationally accredited certification
work towards achieving their SACE through diverse and rigorous learning experiences.
improve their overall education and transition outcomes

Purchased VET courses, delivered outside the school, only run if there are sufficient numbers. The cost is borne by the families. Some courses are only offered in Semester 1, whilst others run only in Semester 2. However, most usually run in both semesters and there are full year training options as well. Some VET courses require students to complete Structured Work Placements as part of the requirements.

Given that VET courses allow students to gain SACE accreditation either at Stage 1 or 2 level, with parent / carer approval, students can either complete a VET course in lieu of a school based subject, or in addition to the full load of school subjects.

Please note that students who complete Certificate III level training courses (as listed on the SACE Board’s VET Recognition Register and which contain mostly Stage 2 accreditation) can use this to help generate an ATAR score, required for tertiary entrance. Only one Certificate III course can be counted for ATAR generation.

The school’s Student Pathways Coordinator liaises with a variety of Registered Training Organisations, depending on student interest.

During the year, Adelaide High School students can also enrol in these short courses, for which there is usually no SACE accreditation and which are held at various times:
Responsible Service of Alcohol (for which students must be almost 18 years of age)
First Aid
Construction Industry White Card Training.

Contact Livia D’Aloia, the Adelaide High School Student Pathways Coordinator, if you require further information.