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Year 9 Overview

year 9 2017

Mentor Group

The Year 9 Mentor Group program focuses on Wellbeing, Positive Education and the development of the AHS Graduate Qualities. In particular, the development of the Citizenship Graduate Quality is a focus.

Students are required to perform community service, either through a sporting or community association or through the school. The school has developed many partnerships with organisations to provide opportunities for the students to perform community service. These include;

  • Adopt-a-Grave program with the West Tce Cemetery
  • Homework clubs with the Smith Family
  • Community programs, such as ‘Adopt a Railway Station’ with Adelaide Metro
  • Ecovision with the Trees For Life organisation
  • Preparing meals for the Salvation Army

Another focus of the program is well being and health. The Adelaide High School Turn Your Health Around program is an inter-disciplinary course aimed at increasing student participation in physical activity and healthy eating habits. Students are encouraged to participate in;

  • The Premier’s be active Challenge
  • Turn Your Health Around Program

A highlight of the year is the annual outdoor adventure camp to Woodhouse. The students engage in a range of outdoor activities including mountain bike riding, bushwalking, orienteering and team challenges. 

At the end of Semester 2, the students prepare and present the first task of their Personal Leaning Plan, the round table presentation. Students present their learning on Citizenship, learning style and literacy and numeracy skills to a panel including two staff members and family members.

Subject Choice for Year 9

year 9 general year 9 general  year 9 cricket 
 Year 9 General Student  Year 9 Language Student  Year 9 Cricket / Rowing Student


In Year 9, students have the opportunity of more choice in their curriculum. Special Interest Language students are required to continue with their study of two languages other than English and all other students are required to continue with the study of at least one language other than English.

At Year 9 students study the following:

  • English - full year
  • Mathematics - full year
  • Science - full year
  • Language 1 - full year
  • Language 2 - full year (compulsory for all Special Language students)
  • History - 1 semester
  • Health & PE - 1 semester (at least 1 semester within this Learning Area)
  • Design & Digital Technologies - 1 semester (at least 1 semester within this Learning Area)

There is a range of subjects which students may chose from under a number of Learning Areas. They are as follows:

  • Subjects offered in The Arts include: Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Dance.
  • Subjects offered in Design & Digital Technologies include: Construction Technology, Digital Technology, Fabric & Textiles, Food Technology.
  • Subjects offered in Health/PE include: Physical Education, Cricket, Rowing.