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Year 8 Overview

year 8 2017

Mentor Group program

At the start of Year 8 the focus of the Year 8 Mentor Groups is wellbeing and transitioning to High School. To achieve this goal the students participate in a range of programs including;

  • Transition Program ( an 8 day program at the start of the new year)
  • Year 8 camp to Victor Harbor
  • Peer Leaders program
  • Anti Harassment program

The Mentor Group program uses elements of Positive Education to assist students in developing the Adelaide High School Graduate Qualities. These are:

  • Constructive personal and interpersonal abilities 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Citizenship 
  • Active global awareness 
  • Effective communication skills 
  • An ability to work as an effective team member 
  • Self-awareness and an ability to recognise and value the character strengths of others. 

Another focus of the program is health and wellbeing. The Adelaide High School Turn Your Health Around program is an inter-disciplinary course aimed at increasing student participation in physical activity and healthy eating habits. Students are encouraged to participate in;

  • The Premier’s be active Challenge
  • Turn Your Health Around Program
  • House competitions

Subject Choice for Year 8

year 8 general  year 8 language  year 8 cricket 
 Year 8 General Student  Year 8 Language Student Year 8 Cricket/Rowing Student

 At Year 8 students will study the following:

  • English - full year
  • Mathematics - full year
  • Science - full year
  • Language 1 - full year
  • Language 2 - full year (compulsory for Special Language students, optional for all other students).
  • Health & Physical Education - 1 semester
  • The Arts - 1 semester for Special and Double Language students and 3 terms for all other students.
  • Design & Technology - 1 semester
  • Humanities and Social Sciences - 1 semester
  • Home Economics - up to 1 semester depending on Language program
  • Aboriginal Studies (depending on Language program)

Subjects offered in The Arts include: Art, Dance, Drama, Music.

Students who have entered the school via the Cricket program take part in Cricket as one of their subjects for a full year, while students entering via the Rowing programs take part in Rowing for a full year.