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Middle School Overview

middle school curriculum

Middle Years Curriculum at Adelaide High School

As the Special Interest Language School, students who are part of the Special Interest Language program are required to study two languages offered on our curriculum until at least the end of Year 10. All students have the opportunity to study two languages other than English if they wish and the study of one language other than English is compulsory for all other students until the end of Year 10.

Students may choose from:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German 
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Modern Greek
  • Spanish
  • Auslan

Students who have entered the school via the Cricket program take part in Cricket as one of their subjects, while students entering via the Rowing programs take part in Rowing.

Vocational Educational Training (VET) courses are offered to students in Years 10-12. These courses are industry based and provide specific learning. Upon successful completion of courses, students are credited with SACE points and the appropriate certificate level.


When students demonstrate a high level of understanding of the course work they may be accelerated to the next year level in that subject. This is done on an individual basis in negotiation with the student and family.