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Senior Staff


Ms Cezanne Green

Assistant Principals

Ms Nicole Bryant: Senior School / SACE / Student Agency
Mr Michail Darley: ICT / ICT Digital Pedagogy / Learner Management Systems / House Leadership Morriss House / Library
Mr Jim Dounas: Daily Organisation / WHS / Facilities / HR
Mr Michael Gurr: Middle School / Year 6 – 7 and 7-8 Transition / House Leadership West House/ Enrolment 
Mr Mark McLeod: Quality Assurance (CIS and Policies and Processes) / Pedagogy / Professional Learning / House Leadership Adey House
Mr Phil Wilson: Global Education / Special Language Programs / International Programs
Mr Mark Woolfall: Curriculum / Data Analysis and Data Literacy leading to improvement / House Leadership Macghey House

Business Leader

Ms Shauna Kay: Overall Business Leadership / HR / Finance / Operations / Grounds 


Ms Livia D’Aloia: Student Pathways and FLO 
Mr John Dimitriou: Design and Technology Studies / Food Technology
Mr Matthew Freeman: Timetable / Enrolments / Course Counselling 
Ms Amy Geue: Centre for Deaf and Hearing Impaired (CHI) 
Ms Sandra Greenan: English / English as an Additional Language
Mr Peter Hatcliffe: Student Wellbeing 
Ms Paige Higgins: Student Wellbeing 
Mr Phil Hopton:  Physical Education / Health / TYHA 
Mr Glen Little: Director of Sport
Ms Helen Manning-Bennett: Languages 
Mr Menas Mena: Student Wellbeing 
Ms Cass Mewett: HASS
Mr Tony Pettas: Mathematics 
Ms Julie Ralph: Public Relations / CIS 
Ms Kerry Skinner: The Arts 
Ms Casey Swansson: Learner Intervention
Mr Lewis Weeden: Science

House Managers

House Middle School  Senior School
Adey Ms Anna Axarlis
Mr Trevor Warren
Macghey Ms Christie Best Mr Geoff Richardson
Morriss Mr Taly Trayans
Ms Koula Andriopoulos
West Ms Janine McSporran
Ms Ashleigh Bandiera


Sport Management

Mr Phil Hopton: Cricket Manager / Special Entry Cricket coordination
Mr Dylan Harvey: Rowing Manager / Special Entry Rowing coordination
Mr Jeremy Appleton: Sport Manager
Ms Megan Thomas: Sport Administration

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