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Senior Staff

Principal - Ms Cezanne Green

Deputy Principal - Ms Connie Soltysiak

Assistant Principals

Ms Nicole Bryant  Senior School / SACE / Student Agency / House Leadership Macghey House 
Mr Michail Darley
ICT / ICT Digital Pedagogy / Learner Management Systems / House Leadership Morriss House / Library
Mr Jim Dounas   Daily Organisation / WHS / Facilities / HR

  Timetable / HR / Enrolments / Subject Selections / Numeracy / Adey House Leadership
Ms Sandra Greenan   Curriculum / Pedagogy / Learning Improvement / CIS / Professional Learning / SIP Implementation
Ms Kerry Skinner   Head of Middle Years / Year 6-7 and Year 7-8 Transition Program
Ms Helen Manning-Bennett   Global Education / Special Language Programs / International Program

Business Leader

Ms Shauna Kay    Overall Business Leadership / HR / Finance / Operations / Grounds  


Mr Jack Cunningham   Data and Improvement 
Ms Livia D’Aloia   Student Pathways and FLO
Mr John Dimitriou
  Design and Technology Studies / Food Technology
MsToni Angus   Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Mr Ross Hamilton
  English / English as an Additional Language / Literacy
Mr Phil Hopton   Physical Education / Health / TYHA 
Mr Glen Little
  Director of Sport
Ms Grace McDonald   Learner Intervention Leader
Ms Janine McSporran
Mr Reegan Mastrangelo
Mr Tim Moors
  Social Media
Mr Tony Pettas
Ms Kerry Skinner
  The Arts 
Mr Lewis Weeden


Year Level Leaders

Year 8
  Ms Anna Axarlis
Year 9   Mr Taly Trayans
Year 10   Mr Henry Warnecke
Year 11   Mr Xavier Manning-Bennett
Year 12   Ms Madi O'Brien-Dent


Sport Management

Mr Glen Little   Director of Sport 
Mr Phil Hopton   Cricket Manager / Special Entry Cricket coordination
Miss Joanne Malcolm   Rowing Manager / Special Entry Rowing coordination
Mr Jeremy Appleton
  Sport Manager
Ms Megan Thomas
  Sport Administration


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