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President's Welcome

stephen mitchell

Non Scholae Sed Vitae!

An association of Adelaide High School old scholars has existed since 1911, making the Association only 3 years younger than the school itself. The Old Scholars community are proudly responsible for maintaining that tradition.

Membership of the Association is open to the past students and staff of Adelaide High School (1908 -1951), Adelaide Girls High School, Adelaide Boys High School and Adelaide High School (1977 and thereafter).

The Association’s flagship event is the Annual Dinner. It is held in the in the middle of each year. Whether you attend regularly, as many do, or only for your milestone reunion years, the dinner is always great fun.

The Association also supports the school and the school community by providing prizes, assistance with the Conversazione held each year in August, publication of the regular Old Scholars newsletter, and by organising lunches and other events.  

The Association is indebted to the Principal and administrative staff of the School who provide invaluable assistance and office support.

But we are nothing without active members. I urge all old scholars to continue their association with the school by joining the association and participating in its events.

What we hope to achieve with the Old Scholars Association is perhaps best captured by the school motto: non scholae sed vitae.  Not only for school, but for life!

Stephen Mitchell | President
Adelaide High School Old Scholars Association Inc