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Tuesday January 26

The wait is over as Year 8 students begin 2021 on Wednesday, January 27. All Year 8 students are to meet at the Hall by 8.35am for a welcome and to be connected with their teachers. Parents are welcome and staff will be in front of the hall to have a chat but please be reminded that with Covid protocols, we ask parents not to enter the buildings.

For week 1 and 3 of the year, the students will be engaged in the Year 8 Transition Program. The class programs can be seen below. As there are many sessions involving activity, Year 8 students are to wear their sports uniforms for the Transition Program.  Students are to bring their laptops to school each day, as part of the program  inducts students into our systems  and protocols. Once they have had their Introduction to IT session, many of the sessions will require use of the laptop.

A consent form for the practical sessions of the program has been emailed home. Can you please complete the consent form and submit on line. Please note that all students will attend these activities, the permission slip is for the students to engage in the activities. We hope that they all participate.

8G01 8G02 8G03

8R10 8R11 8R12

8B70 8B71 8B72

8V130 8V131 8V132 8V133


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Transition Days 2020

The transition days are completed.

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Year 8 Transition Program 2021

Year 8 students begin the school year with an eight day Year 8 Transition Program. 

The focus of this program is to enable students to successfully transition into Adelaide High, develop relationships with both peers and staff and feel confident to begin their study. The feedback from students about the program each year is positive and most highlight that the program fully prepares the students and allows them to be in the mind set for when the academic program begins. 

The program consists of the following;
Introduction to the Library
Information about co-curricular sports options
Pastoral Care sessions (PC)
An induction to their House
Camp preparation meeting
3 day camp
Peer Leaders working with students 
Introduction to AUSLAN (signing to communicate with deaf students)  
Tours of the school to find their way around
Introduction to computing and ICT (passwords, login details and account setup)
Wellbeing and positive mindsets with the Student Wellbeing Leaders
Introduction to Rowing
Cyber Safety session
SASI identification: sports activities to help the students learn where their strengths are
Letter writing where students write a letter to themselves to open at the start of Year 12
Standards Day allows students to try Athletics Carnival events whilst socialising with their class mates 
Learning the School Song and War Cry and about the school Music program
Introduction to Daymap (school online system where school work is distributed and submitted)
Positive education looking at character strengths
Begin the Premier's Reading Challenge
Working with the Learning team
Personal organisation
Restorative practices
Goal setting

In weeks to come, the programs for each class will be added.
As most days of the program have a practical session, students are encouraged to wear their sports uniform each day. Uniforms are not required for students on the Year 8 camp. Please consult the list of items to take camping for clothing suggestions. 


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Year 8 Camp

As part of the transition into high school we encourage all Year 8 students to attend the Year 8 camp which will be held at the Openlight and Willow Creek campsites at Victor Harbor. The purpose of the camp is to assist Year 8 students in developing friendships with fellow students in their Pastoral Care groups and the broader Year 8 cohort and to get to know their Pastoral Care Group teachers.  As our students come from a wide area of Adelaide, a camp such as this is important to enable students to feel part of our school and help prepare them for the year ahead. 
The camp will be held in week 3 of Term 1, with the Adey and Morriss Houses attending from Monday, February 8 to Wednesday, February 10, 2021 and the West and Macghey Houses from Wednesday, February 10 to Friday, February 12, 2021. Your child will be advised of their House on Monday, November 30, 2020 on Transition Day. 
The camp will include such activities as surf aquatics at Victor Harbor, swimming, indoor and outdoor games and evening activities, all designed to develop interpersonal, social and aquatics skills.  Further team challenge and bonding activities will be conducted by Active Education. 
The cost of admission, accommodation and meals (except for recess and lunch on the first day), surf aquatics activities and bus travel from the camp is included in the Camp Fee.  The students will spend 2½ days at the camp site. 
The total cost for the camp is $210.00, which consists of $165 (GST exclusive) for accommodation, travel, & activities etc. and $45 (GST Inclusive) for food.

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Transition FAQ

To guide our planning for the Parent Evening on Tuesday December 8, could you please record any questions you would like answered. We will also post the frequently asked questions and answers on the Adelaide High Website on  the Year 8 Transition page.
Recently added questions are at the top of the list.

I have decided to supply the laptop through my own means, do we need to provide this laptop to the IT department prior to school commencing to get it connected to the school network, and will the school supply any software or do I have to supply this? If so what software is required, when will the settings be provided for setup?
It is fine to supply your own laptop for student use. In the first week of school, the students will have an introduction to IT. The school will supply all software that we use and this can be placed on the computer in the first week.

Is it correct that the students are to wear their sports uniform for the first 2 weeks of the school year?
Students will be active on each of the first 3 days of school so they are to wear sports uniform in week 1. In week 2 of school it is normal lessons for year 8 and AHS uniform is required. 

Can a language entry student be involved in community clubs and sports and others co curriculum the AHS offers?
Co-curricular clubs and sport are available and encouraged for all. 

Is there any sort of buddy system at the school for new students?
The Year 7 students have been introduced to their Peer Leaders (Year 10 students). The Peer Leaders are allocated a class to support for all of 2021. They ran a session on the first transition day and will work with the students again on the first day of school in 2021

Is there an Ignite program or similar program in AHS?
Previously AHS has had an accelerated program but in response to the data collected and research, a more contemporary approach of placing groups of high performing students in all classes is preferred. Teachers are supported to differentiate learning to stretch all students. 

Does AHS create a NEP or One Plan for young people with special needs and when is this negotiated? Are parents included in the process?
Yes, Adelaide High School does create One Plans for students with verified disabilities or those who have additional needs including Aboriginal learners.  Depending on need, One Plans are updated in collaboration with primary schools and families during the transition to high school process, and are refined in collaboration with students and their families over the course of term 1. This is to allow for any adjustments that need to be made in response to student needs in their new high school environment.

Is the U loop carpark/driveway in front of the school a kiss and drop zone?
As many parents witnessed this week, the front driveway was chaotic. This is not a drop-off zone and parents are to refrain from using this area for the safety of the students. The road alongside the south side of the school is a drop zone and collection point, as is Glover Ave along the northern boundary. All public transport connects with Adelaide High. Perhaps a holiday event could be to practice journeys.

What text books will be used in the school? Do we need to buy them or will the school provide them to take home?
The majority of text books don’t fit the learning programs at Adelaide High. There are few texts in use and if they are required, the school will loan these to students.

How many of the Year 8 students are getting the recommended laptop?  
We usually get 70% - 80% uptake, but it varies from year to year.

How does the school manage bullying?
All students undergo anti-harassment training and are supported to report any instance of bullying. All instances of bullying are investigated and the students involved and witnesses are interviewed. A range of consequences are applied and students involved are supported. Restorative practices are used and supported mediation sessions between students are encouraged.

Could you please identify what time a typical school day starts & ends, along with the daily timetable (eg lesson and break times)? 
School starts each day at 8.40am (warning bell at 8.35am). School finishes at 3.10pm each day. There are three 90 minutes lessons, one 45 minute lesson and a Home class each day. A sample can be sent home.

When do they nominate for sports for next year?
The first term sports program gets underway early in term 1. The students had a session with Glen Little (Director of Sport) on the second transition day regarding school sport nominations as they occur in week 2 of school in 2021

Is there a requirement for the students to wear a hat in term 1 and 4?
Hats are not compulsory for the student body in terms 1 and 4 but they are encouraged. It is compulsory however for students in Physical Education to wear a hat in terms 1 and 4. Sunscreen is supplied for these classes and safe sun practices are followed.

Is there homework every day for students?
The Adelaide High homework policy enables the 90 minute lessons on a day to set 20 minutes of homework for students. This means that Year 8 students can be set 3 subjects of homework on Monday to Thursday (in total up to an hour) and 2 subjects on Friday (total of up to 40 minutes).

Do they have all their classes with their PCG? Or do they get to mix with other classes? 
Students in Year 8 will stay in the Home class for Mathematics, English, Science and HASS. In all other subjects, students mix with students from other classes.

What day is Maths Club on after school for students needing some extra assistance?
Maths Club is a few nights each week. The nights are determined by the availability of staff and are scheduled around staff meeting days.

Is the PE uniform allowed to be worn to and from school on PE days or is it to be taken and students change at school?
When students are in a practical Health and Physical Education class they are required to be in the sports uniform. In all other classes, students need to be in school uniform. This requires students to change at the start and finish of PE classes. If PE is the first lesson of the day, students are able to come in in PE clothes and then change after the lesson.

Are mobile phones to be kept in lockers at all times or are they allowed to be on your person at all times? 
Mobile phones are to be kept in the lockers during lesson time. If a teacher requires mobile phones for a particular need in a class, they will ask the students to bring it to class on that day, otherwise it is in the lockers. There is a phone policy and teachers will confiscate phones for either the lesson or the day if students don’t follow the policy. Phones can be a major distraction.

When do the students receive their stationery lists?
The stationery lists are available online at

We have purchased our own laptop.  Does the school need to add the Microsoft products such as Word, Excel etc  or do we organise that beforehand.
The school will load the products on the laptops.

How many students will be in year 8 next year? 
This is our biggest intake of students with 344 year 8 students.

Is there a dedicated bike rack for parking bicycles?
Yes, there are 3 bike racks and we encourage students to ride as the school is on 2 bike paths. Students will need a bike lock. 

Will parents receive an overview of the content or learning objectives of the subjects to provide a picture of what the students are learning?
At the beginning of the term, the teacher of each subject will publish the course plan including dates of all assessment tasks. This, along with other course information and teacher parent communication, is located on our learning portal called Daymap. You will be provided with login details.

When will parents and students be able to access the Daymap Parent Portal and what is it used for?
Michail Darley will speak about the Parent Portal at the parent evening regarding. Students use the portal everyday as it is a where communication occurs and where teachers place resources, and share the learning intentions for the lessons. Assessment tasks  are set and submitted through the portal.

Do the students in the home group classes have something in common such as subject choices - how have they been grouped together?
The school has been working closely with primary schools to collect learning data about each student. This has been collected through an extensive survey and, for many of the 72 feeder schools, a meeting of year 7 teachers and an Adelaide High staff member. Class placement is an intricate process with many factors involved. Some of the main factors include; gender balance, siblings in the same house, groups of high band learners in each class, groups of low band learners spread across each class, primary school recommendations on student pairings, cricketers are all in one house, rowers are all in one house, students with learning needs are placed in order to provide best support.

Is there a single source of information about public transport to and from the school?  E.g. information about the bus service to the train station and whether the train stop behind the school is operational?
We are in a fortunate position where all forms of public transport are close to Adelaide High. The Adelaide metro website is very useful in planning transport. Adelaide Metro Journey Planning

When is the best time to raise an issue regarding my child's learning in a particular area - before the year commences or once Term 1 begins?  With whom should such an issue be raised?
We welcome conversations about student learning at all times. I suggest calling the school this week to talk with a staff member so any planning that needs attention can be put in place for the start of 2021.

As a special language student, when does my child find out her 2nd language?
Students will be placed in the languages chosen on the subject selection form completed earlier this year. The timetables will be released the week before school starts in 2021.


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