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Music Program


Adelaide High School is allocated a set number of free IMS lessons and so spaces are limited.

Students who receive lessons will be required to commit to attending regular weekly lessons for the whole calendar year and to become involved in school ensembles as they progress. All students are required to bring their instrument to each lesson and will be expected to practice their instruments at home. Any student who does not make this commitment will lose their allocated lesson.

Communication regarding auditions and all other instrumental related information will be delivered via the school daily notices and students are responsible for accessing this information.

Students who wish to continue to take advantage of the school’s instrumental program after Year 8 will be required to choose Music Band as a subject from Year 9 onwards.

Hire is available from the school for all instruments apart from guitar, bass and drum kit.

There is a secure storeroom available for students to store their instruments when they bring them to school. We do recommend that insurance is taken out on privately owned instruments.

Please feel free to contact the music staff at the school for further information.