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Arts Performances

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Students at Adelaide High School are provided with various co-curricular initiatives that may not normally occur as part of the day to day programs within the school.

Examples of Performing Arts opportunities

Performance Ensembles

Performance ensembles at Adelaide High School include Stage Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Rock Band, Greek Band and Adelaide Vocal. Each ensemble has a different instrumentation and repertoire and Music students are invited to join the ensembles when Music staff think they are ready to do so.

Performances for these ensembles may include Cabaret Night, Jazz Night, Music Performances, Conversazione, Year 7 Transition Day, Formal Assemblies, Generations in Jazz, and the MacRobertson Exchange. 

Students have various other ways to explore the Performing Arts including:

  • Theatre Sports and Music in the Melbourne Exchanges 
  • Musicals
  • Dance Performances
  • Cabaret Nights 
  • Visual Arts displays 
  • Music Nights / Visual and Performing Arts evenings. 
  • Stage Band 
  • Concert Band 
  • Jazz Band
  • Orchestra
  • Instrumental lessons 
  • Adelaide Vocal 
  • Drama performances

Our teaching emphasis in the Arts is directed towards promoting individuality, teamwork, the generation of creative ideas and activities, performance, problem solving, the development of aesthetic values, the development of various Arts skills and an appreciation of the Arts in a variety of cultures and settings.