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Melbourne Exchange

2016 melb exchange

Melbourne / MacRob Exchange

Adelaide High School has taken part in exchanges with Melbourne Boys High School since 1910 and Mac.Robertson Girls' High School since 1913.

The Exchange is held early in Term 3. In one year the boys are in Adelaide and the girls in Melbourne - the next year vice versa. In 2018 the girls’ Exchange will be held in Adelaide while the boyss’ Exchange will take place in Melbourne. The Exchange involves students in sporting, academic and social activities.

The Mac.Robertson Exchange is both a social and sporting occasion. There are competitions in the following sports: Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cross Country, Debating, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Theatre Sports and Volleyball.

The Melbourne Exchange has been very much a sports competition. Sports involved include Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Debating, Football, Rowing, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Theatre Sports and Volleyball.

Any student taking part in any sporting team for Adelaide High School during the year is eligible to be in any of the Exchange teams.

2017 Melbourne Exchange Results

 Sport  Winner  Score  MVP
 Athletics Draw 41 each Lahie Amat
 Badminton AHS 6-2
Chris Kollakkombil
 Basketball 1 MHS 
 Basketball 2 MHS 
65-28 Harry Clapham
 Debate  AHS
- Dion Lobetisis
 Secret Debate 2 - - Darcy Hermsen
 Football AHS 54-49 Tyran Hill
 Rowing MHS 2-0 Finn Castrique 
 Soccer AHS 4-1 Ninko Beric 
 Table Tennis Draw 3-3 
Ajeendra Panicker
 Tennis MHS 6-0 Alex Firipis
 Theatre Sports MHS - Jack Beales
 Volleyball 1 AHS  
 Volleyball 2 
AHS 3-0 John Maggs


Adelaide won the Exchange 5.5 - 5

2016 Melbourne Exchange Results

 Sport  Winner  Score  MVP
 Athletics MHS 97-89 Joey Wells
 Badminton MHS 4-2 
David Nguyen
 Basketball 1 MHS 
 Basketball 2 AHS 
52-43 Kyle Potato
 Debate 1 MHS 
 Secret Debate 2 MHS 227-220 Darcy Hermsen
 Football AHS 104-40 Brennan Cox
 Rowing MHS 2-0 Connor McCarthy 
 Soccer AHS 6-4 Ben Fulton 
 Table Tennis MHS 6-0 
Ajeendra Panicker
 Tennis MHS 10-2 Corey Tugwell
 Theatre Sports MHS 57-56 Ben Griffiths
 Volleyball 1 AHS  
 Volleyball 2 
AHS 3-2 John Maggs

Melbourne won the Exchange 7.5 - 3.5