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The Ecovision Club is the environmental group associated with Adelaide High School.

The group’s focus is raising awareness of environmental issues across the school. Our main activity has been the propagation of Australian native trees and shrubs and then planting these out in areas surrounding the school. This project is a collaboration between Adelaide High School, Trees For Life, the City of Adelaide and The Natural Resources Management Board. Membership of Ecovision is open to all students and the students within Ecovision elect the Executive.

The activities of Ecovision include:

  • Filling tubes with potting mix and sowing seeds
  • Maintenance of these seedlings - watering, thinning and transplanting
  • Planting out seedlings with stakes and tree guards
  • Maintenance of the area planted out – weeding and watering

Ecovision provides a rewarding experience for those students who want to make a difference both locally and for the global community in environmental areas.

Adelaide High School is also the site of a carbon sequestration demonstration site. The site has been developed in conjunction with Greening Australia, the Department Of Environment, Water And Natural Resources, the City of Adelaide and Trees for Life, and aims to show on a small scale what a carbon offset planting looks like.