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International Accreditation


Adelaide High School was re-accredited with the Council of International Schools in 2016.

From 2004 to 2006 Adelaide High School embarked on a comprehensive Self-Study of its philosophy (Vision and Priorities), policies, practices and documentation.

This Self Study led to in-depth discussion and reflection by staff students and parents on all aspects of the school community under the following seven sections:

Section A: Philosophy and Objectives
Section B: Curriculum
Section C: Governance and Management
Section D: Staff
Section E: Student Support Services
Section F: Resources
Section G: Student and Community Life

The school was required to complete extensive documentation in these areas, rate itself against CIS Standards and to outline areas of strength and those for improvement.

At the end of the two-year Self-Study, a Visiting Team, comprising fifteen experienced educators from overseas and Australia, spent a week at Adelaide High School reading the documentation, visiting classes and meeting with staff, students and parents. The focus of their work was to interrogate and where appropriate validate the Self-Study and make recommendations for future improvement of the school against CIS Standards and against the school’s Philosophy and Objectives (Vision and Priorities).

Adelaide High School’s Team Visit took place from 5 March to 10 March 2006. The information provided here is a précis of the Team Report and correspondence from (Council of International Schools Australia) CIASa, which the school received after the Team Visit.

Our engagement with the Council of International Schools Accreditation processes has continued with intense and school-wide preparation for the 2011 Five Year Accreditation Review.

The CIS 5 Year Review Visit took place in February 2011. The following is an extract from the CIS Visiting Team Report:

‘It was a real pleasure for the Visitor’s to spend time with such a strongly learning focussed school community. Many of the developments that have taken place over the past five years have enhanced the whole school program and profile and ensured that the school has continued to seek
excellence in all aspects of its operation.

The Visitors were highly impressed with the school atmosphere and the overriding ethos in which wellbeing, learning and culture form an integral part of a rigorous and vibrant learning community. The staff is clearly very talented, professionally dedicated and willing to make extra efforts on behalf of the students. There is a very good atmosphere of student-staff relationships and both students and staff are focussed on high quality learning. The leadership of the Principal is outstanding.’

The school undertook a comprehensive Self Study in 2015 in preparation for the Re-accreditation Team visit in March 2016. In reaching their decision to re-accredit the school, CIS took into account the Visiting Team’s commendations which were based on evidence of excellent and effective alignment with the standards for CIS accreditation. In granting the award of accreditation, CIS felt that the commendations – or strengths of the school – far outweighed any areas in which the school was deficient. Of particular note is: 
• the commitment of the school to ongoing self-review and improvement;  
• the extent to which the school’s Guiding Statements are used as a driver for decision making; 
• the school’s very strong commitment to international and intercultural learning, and the promotion of a strong culture of appreciating diversity; 
• the highly commendable  focus on high quality learning as evidenced by the implementation of the Teaching and Learning Framework; 
• the multidisciplinary experiences available to students; 
• the support provided to individual students by teachers;  
• the provision of curriculum pilot programs to further establish links with relevant partners; and  
• the strong governance and inspirational leadership of the school which has promoted and supported  the implementation of ‘Positive Psychology’. 

Image of CIS Certificate 2015