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Peter Alahdas

2016 Vitae medal

The first recipient of the 2015 Vitae Medal is Peter Alahdas.

Peter was a student at ABHS from 1963 to 1967 and went on to study architecture. While at school, he a committed scholar and a role model to his peers.

In his role as Architect at JPE, Peter has given AHS a great gift of recent times. He has been the senior architect at JPE, who has designed the new wing for AHS and the refurbishment of Art, Languages and the new Maths Centre. Peter's professionalism, commitment to the school, his attention to detail and his dedication to this school's building project has been second to none. We owe Peter a great deal as he gave much more than most architects, due to his connection to his school. As a past scholar, he has contributed to developing and realising a bright future for AHS. Peter's work with our school has been professional, creative and always in our best interests. I think he is the true embodiment of non scholae sed vitae: not only for school but for life, as he has given 3 years of his life to help us improve our facilities. I'm sure you would all agree that our new wing and the refurbished building 4 are fantastic facilities for us to learn and work in.

On behalf of the entire school community I would like to thank Peter sincerely for his work and present him with the AHS Vitae medal.