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Kay Koch

Kay Koch has been awarded the 2014 Vitae Medal.Image of Kay Koch

The AHS Old Scholars' Association was formed in 1911 and functioned for approximately fifty years before it lapsed in the 1960s. Late in 1970, a small group of the school staff decided to revive the association. Public meetings were held, and an interim committee of ten people was formed. Kay Koch was part of this committee (as was Nick Scopolitis). This group met in 1980, and again in 1981 to formulate the Constitution and structure of the Association. A Special General Meeting was held in April, and was attended by over a hundred and fifty people in the School Hall. A Management Committee was nominated, and a Draft Constitution was presented. A month later the AGM was held, the Constitution was adopted, the Committee, which included Kay Koch, was elected.

During that year, the Old Scholars' Association held the Old Boys Annual Dinner, the ladies held the Conversazione, a mixed dinner was held and a Family Day was held in the Barossa Valley, as well as holding a wine and cheese stall at the school's Open Day.
The women's Conversazione was catered for by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the school for some time, but when this ceased to exist, Kay Koch took over the catering for this event, and has done so ever since.

Kay has remained a committee member of the Old Scholars' Association and a member of the organising group for Conversazione ever since, one of the two original members, and has been an enthusiastic member and defender of the Constitution and of the functions of the Committee, which was established as a means of maintaining friendships made at school, and to give old scholars the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school. After being a Vice President of the Association for some years, she is currently the President.