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Parent Teacher Interview Details

Image of PTO logoParent-Teacher interviews will be conducted for Years 8 - 12 from 1.40 pm to 8.00pm on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.  Interviews will be of 10 minutes duration.

For this round of interviews we will again use the internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO).

Bookings open 6.00pm, Monday, April 29, 2019.

Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best from any internet-connected computer. If you do not have internet access at home or elsewhere, a computer will be available in the School Front Office during school hours (but please phone the school on 8231 9373 prior to coming in to check on availability).

Parents/carers unable to access the internet at home, work or Adelaide High School can ask their student to make bookings while at school.  If you are unable to use any of these methods, please contact the school by phone (8231 9373) and we will make the bookings for you.

Please access the system as follows:

  • Click the PTO icon Image of PTO logo
  • Due to the move to online communication, parents will see "Obtain PIN/Password" on the login screen. Any parent can then enter his/her email address and PTO will then send an email to the parent(s) which contains their login details: surname/login and PIN/password.
    The email will also contain a secure link that the parent can click to automatically log in without having to enter those details.



The PTO App

 Parents can also make bookings on a phone or tablet or just search your app store for Parent Teacher Online

app store  google play

When using the app, you will need to add your school using code 4xga9.
Full user guide here.

Full instructions are provided to you after log in. Please note the following points:

  • When you log on, the system displays only your own child/children. If two parents/carers wish to attend a single interview timeslot, one parent/carer should make the booking then both can attend.
  • You will only see time slots which are available at the time you are using the system. As time slots are booked for teachers, those timeslots are no longer displayed as available. PTO prevents double-booking of teachers or parents/carers.
  • If you see an exclamation mark in a yellow circle displayed alongside the class name, it means this teacher recommends that you book an interview.
  • When you have made all the bookings you require, you can print a report of your bookings in time order. You can log in and change bookings any time up to 11.00 pm on the day prior to the interviews.
  • If your child has the same teacher for more than one subject, please make only one booking.  The teacher will discuss both subjects in this time slot.
  • If you encounter any problems using PTO, please notify the school office, preferably via email at
Parent Teacher Interview car parking will be made available at the rear of the school from 1.15pm on Tuesday May 7. Entrance will be from West Tce, on the southern side of the school. Drivers are reminded that this driveway can only be accessed by driving north along West Tce.
There is no parking available in the front horseshoe shaped driveway of the school. Please follow signs at the rear of the school.