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Melbourne / MacRob Exchanges 2017

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From August 13-17, 2017, Adelaide High School will participate in the Melbourne and MacRob Exchanges and you can see all the action via Coveritlive, with the scores being updated below at the end of each day's competition.

Melbourne High School will compete here in Adelaide against our boys and the Adelaide High School girls will compete against MacRobertson Girls High School in Melbourne.

This year, again, the Movie Making Club will be providing live coverage of the Melbourne and MacRob Exchanges via CoveritLive. Students are able to access this through the Adelaide High Intranet.

Parents and students are invited to access the live coverage from anywhere via this link

The coverage will include videos, photos, score updates and comments live from various events. A Daily Wrap of the day’s events and overall scores will also be available from early evening. Parents and students are invited to post comments or questions.

Monday Daily Wrap:

Tuesday Daily Wrap:

Wednesday Daily Wrap: 

MacRob Exchange Results

 Sport Winner  Score MVP
 Badminton MGHS  6-0  Jayne Hedger 
 Basketball AHS  60-20  Hannah Frisby-Smith 
 Chess MGHS 12.5-3.5  Susanne Wells 
 Cross Country MGHS  26-10 Rebekah Frisby-Smith 
 Debating MGHS   - Arabella Wauchope 
 Football  AHS  9.5 (59) - 1.1 (7)  Quillen Economou
 Hockey AHS  3-0   Laura Searle
 Netball  AHS  55-22  Quillen Economou
 Rowing AHS  2-0  Flo Figueroa 
 Soccer AHS  4-0 Taja Ostojic 
 Softball MGHS  11-9  Jes Tarrant 
 Table Tennis MGHS  6-0 Cindy Huynh 
 Tennis MGHS  6-0  Maaike Williams 
 Theatre Sports MGHS  27-21  Bella Whiley-Smith
 Volleyball  AHS  3-0 Amy Jorgensen 

 MacRob won the Exchange 8-7

Melbourne Exchange Results

 Sport Winner  Score MVP
 Athletics DRAW 41 points each  Lahie Amat 
 Badminton AHS  6-2  Chris Kollakkombil 
 Basketball 1 MHS  78-28   
 Basketball 2 MHS 65-28  Harry Clapham 
 Debate  AHS  Dion Lobotisis 
 Football AHS  7.11 (54) - 6.13 (49)  Tyran Hill 
 Rowing MHS   2-0 Finn Castrique 
 Soccer AHS  4-1  Ninko Beric 
 Table Tennis Draw  3-3  Ajeendra Panicker 
 Tennis  MHS  6-0 Alex Firipis 
 Theatre Sports MHS   - Jack Beales 
 Volleyball 1 AHS  3-0 
(25-17, 25-14, 25-18)
John Maggs 
 Volleyball 2 AHS  3-0 
(25-8, 25-9, 25-20)

Adelaide won the Exchange 5.5 - 5