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Week 8 Term 1 Cricket Matches

Schedule of matches for Saturday March 24, 2018

 Team V Where Ground
 10A Trinity Away See map download below
 10B NO GAME    
 9A Rostrevor Home AHS 1
 9B (Fulton/Bernhardt) CBC Home AHS 4
9B (Konnis)  Trinity Away See map download below
 8A Sacred Heart Home AHS 2
 8B (Tuteja/Williams) Glenunga Home AHS 3
 8B (Hunkin/Stones) Concordia Away See map download below 

This weekend sees the final game for Term 1. Many thanks to all the students for committing to training and playing, you have all represented the school in a manner in which we expect and appreciate. Thanks must also go to the coaches and managers whom the players look up to and respect, along with the parental support we have received.

Just a reminder to ALL Saturday morning cricketers that the expectation is for players to arrive at 7:40am. This assists in getting messages to players as well as an adequate warm up.


Coach/ Coordinator Contact Details
Teacher in Charge - Phil Hopton 0439 725 059 
First XI Coach - Jeremy Appleton 0408 490 079 
Year 10a Coach - Anthony Tucker 0408 841 621 and Nick Hodder 0411 047 001 
Year 10b Coach - Harry Strunk 0449 711 775 
Year 9a Coach - Tom Cousins 0437 328 343
Year 9b Coach - Liam Bernhardt 0455 587 201 and Ben Fulton 0448 402 489
Year 9b Caoch - Jack Konnis 0412 772 511
Year 8a Coach - Sam Scrimgeour 0481 536 655
Year 8b Coach - Ravneet Tuteja 0435 277 096 and Riley Williams 0481 066 416
Year 8b Coach - Darcy Hunkin 0474 463 608 and Sam Stones 0450 408 617

Captains and Vice Captains

Captains and Vice Captains will be officially announced next week, when every team commences their season.

Team Leaders Details
Year 10a Leaders - Kohan Hollitt (c) & Liam Toovey (vc)
Year 10b Leaders - Ethan Stuart (c) & Chetan Khanna (vc)
Year 9a Leaders - Luke Terry (c) & Jordan Barnett (vc)
Year 9b Leaders (Fulton/Bernhardt) - Henil Patel (c) & Olivia Mulvany (vc)
Year 9b Leaders (Konnis) - Hard Patel (c) & Eric Paul (vc) 
Year 8a Leaders - Tom Mangelsen (c) & Charlie Fox (vc)
Year 8b Leaders (Tuteja/Williams) - Caleb Pasculli (c) & Rudransh Sharma (vc)
Year 8b Leaders (Hunkin/Stones) - Josh Singh (c) & Sid Farquharson (vc)


Team lists are available for download from below.

Maps can be found on the AHS website

All the best to everyone on the weekend!

My contact details are below, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile.


Jeremy Appleton
Sports Coaching and Development
M: 0408 490 079    E: