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Week 3 Term 1 Cricket Matches

Schedule of matches for Saturday February 16, 2019

10A1 (Bradbrook) PAC Home AHS 1 (2 day game)
10A2 (Kent / Richardson) Scotch Home AHS 4 (2 day game)
9A1 (Scrimgeour) Pembroke Home AHS 2 (2 day game)
9A2 (Hunkin / Stones) Westminster Home AHS 3
8A1 (Strunk / Konnis) Pembroke Away Pembroke (2 day game) 
8A2 (Boschma) Cardijn Away Cardijn College
8B (Pearson) Glenunga Away Glenunga

Just a reminder to ALL Saturday morning cricketers that the expectation is for players to arrive at 7:40am. This assists in getting messages to players as well as an adequate warm up.

Take 2: after last weekend's complete washout! Welcome to Term 1 Cricket at Adelaide High School
A special welcome to the new students and families of the Year 8 students who enter High School Cricket for the first time. Mr Hopton and I have enjoyed meeting the players over the first 2 weeks and look forward to trying to assist them over the year.


Jack Konnis alongside Mr Phil Hopton will once again be our HOME GAME coordinators. Jack will be in attendance at each Saturday for the home teams. Jack will also work closely with us at trainings and interact with the children, to then be a coaching voice to assist coaches, players on game days.

There has been some big movement over the Summer break in regards to coaching staff. Firstly Mr. Phil Hopton remains the Cricket Manager: I have shifted slightly left into the role of Sports Manager and also a teacher of HPE, whilst the other coaches listed below will be directed by Mr Hopton and I, in regards to training sessions and game day logistics.

Coach/ Coordinator Contact Details

  • Cricket Manager - Phil Hopton 0439 725 059 
  • Sports Manager - Jeremy Appleton 0408 490 079 
  • Home Ground Manager – Jack Konnis 0412 772 511
  • Year 10a (1) Coach - Sam Bradbrook 0427 717 710 
  • Year 10a (2) Coach – Liam Kent 0421 818 518 / Sam Richardson 0431 869 773
  • Year 9a (1) Coach - Sam Scrimgeour 0481 536 655
  • Year 9a (2) Coach – Darcy Hunkin 0411 435 339 / Sam Stones 0450 099 662
  • Year 8a (1) Coach – Harry Strunk 0449 711 775 / Jack Konnis 0412 772 511
  • Year 8a (2) Coach – Riki Boschma 0422 768 064
  • Year 8b Coach – Jaxon Pearson 0467 228 878

We are again engaging our older students or old scholars to facilitate the game days and trainings alongside Mr Hopton and myself. We believe this is a fantastic way for the younger students to engage in the community and for the older students or old scholars to show leadership skills and mentor attributes.
With this however, we do require a parent assistant for the respective teams. If you are willing to be there and assist, please let Phil Hopton or Jeremy Appleton know on the above emails. This will allow them to COACH! If you are interested and AVAILABLE to be an assistant on game day to the coaches, we would be forever grateful.

The Team Managers required are:
Year 10a (1) Manager – HELP!
Year 10a (2) Manager – HELP!
Year 9a (1) Manager – HELP!
Year 9a (2) Manager – HELP!
Year 8a (1) Manager – Marty Edmunds
Year 8a (2) Manager – Mick Schooley
Year 8b Manager – HELP!

Scoring and Umpire Assistant is required, however I fully understand some parents are not comfortable with some of these skill sets, however if you are down to assist and can not, I hope you can assist in finding a suitable person.

Captains and Vice Captains

Year 10a (1) Leaders – Nathan Marshall (c) & Oscar Steene (vc)
Year 10a (2) Leaders – Mitanshu Patel (c) & Hugo Groom (vc)
Year 9a (1) Leaders – Jack Matchett (c) & Rudransh Sharma (vc)
Year 9a (2) Leaders – Josh Singh (c) & Sid Farquharson (vc)
Year 8a (1) Leaders – Charlie Edmunds (c) & Joel George (vc)
Year 8a (2) Leaders – Sam Schooley (c) & Will James (vc)
Year 8b Leaders – Christian Kriek (c) & Henry Turner (vc)


Team lists are available for download from below.

Maps can be found on the AHS website

All the best to everyone on the weekend!

My contact details are below, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile.


Jeremy Appleton
Sports Manager
M: 0408 490 079