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Week 10 Term 1 Cricket Matches

Schedule of matches for Saturday April 8, 2017

 Team V Where Ground
 10A Pembroke Home AHS 2
 10B Bye

 9A Pembroke Away See map download below
 9B (Connors) Cabra Away See map download below
 9B (Robins) Bye

 8A (Bradbrook) Pembroke Home AHS 1
 8B (Konnis) Pembroke Away See map download below
 8B (Strunk) Glenunga Home AHS 4

Just a reminder to ALL Saturday morning cricketers that the expectation is for players to arrive at 7:40am. This assists in getting messages to players as well as an adequate warm up.


Our coaches for Term 1 will be as follows:

Coach/ Coordinator Contact Details
Teacher in Charge - Phil Hopton 0439 725 059
First XI Coach - Jeremy Appleton 0408 490 079
Year 10a Coach - Rob Carrington (Supervisor - c and vc coach) 0450 496 718
Year 10b Coach - Jason Stott 0429 889 450
Year 9a Coach - Anthony Tucker 0408 841 621 and Nick Hodder 0411 047 001
Year 9b Coach - Sean Connors 0412 454 314 (TBA)
Year 9b Coach - Tate Robins (0439 781 189)
Year 8a Coach - Sam Bradbrook 0427 717 710

Year 8b Coach - Jack Konnis 0412 772 511 (with Andrew Mulvany)

Year 8b Coach - Harry Strunk 0449 711 775 (with Kim Grantham)

Captains and Vice Captains

Team Leaders Details
Year 10a Leaders - Suraj Rajesh (c) & Sam Scrimgeour (vc)
Year 10b Leaders - Sam Richardson (c) & Sam Stones (vc)
Year 9a Leaders - Liam Kent (c) & Erik Carrington (c)
Year 9b Leaders - Alex Robinson (c) & Liam Connors (vc)
Year 9b Leaders - Riley Thilthorpe (c) & Jack Davidson (vc)
Year 8a Leaders - Luke Terry (c) & Hugo Groom (vc)
Year 8b Leaders - Het Joshi (c) & Olivia Mulvany (vc)
Year 8b Leaders - Jed Shipton (c) & Mitanshu Patel (vc)


Team lists are available for download from below.

We hope to release an Adelaide High School Cricket Handbook which will detail the key information in regards to selection, game day duties, expectations, behavior, coaching philosophies etc.

All the best to everyone on the weekend!

My contact details are below, please feel free to contact me via email or mobile.


Jeremy Appleton
Sports Coaching and Development
M: 0408 490 079    E: