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Five Highs Cricket Carnival 2018


Congratulations to the students who have been selected in the team to represent Adelaide High School in the Five Highs Cricket Carnival to be held at Adelaide High School in Week 8.

Adelaide High will be represented by:

Captain:  Suraj Rajesh Year 11 
Vice-Captain:  Erik Carrington Year 11 
Connor Kent Year 9 
Darcy Hunkin Year 11 
Liam Kent Year 11 
Liam Toovey Year 10 
Manush Patel Year 11 
Patrick Taylor Year 9 
Rachel Church Year 11 
Samyak Jain Year 11 
Tejas Gill Year 8 
Tyrell Sgroi Year 9 
Tyson Miller Year 10

The results of the games will be progressively updated during the week of the Carnival (December 3 - 7).

Day  Game Winner Score
Monday Adelaide V Melbourne Adelaide AHS 9/221 def MHS 9/159
  Sydney V Kent St Sydney SHS 9/159 def KSSHS 157
Tuesday Kent St V Brisbane Kent St KSSHS 3/122 def BSHS 119
  Adelaide V Sydney Sydney SBHS 8/109 def AHS 108
Wednesday Sydney V Melbourne Melbourne MHS 7/195 def SBHS 175
  Adelaide V Brisbane Brisbane  BSHS 7/151 def AHS 147
Thursday Adelaide v Kent St Kent St KSSHS 7/199 def AHS 198
  Melbourne V Brisbane Brisbane  BSHS 6/151 def MHS 8/150 
Brisbane V Sydney  Brisbane BSHS 7/137 def SBHS 135
  Kent St V Melbourne Kent St  KSSHS 5/91 def MHS 88


Carnival Awards

Carnival Awards Player School
Player of the Carnival Joseph Rangiah Brisbane State HS
Most Runs Award Rivin Rajapaksa (165 runs) Melbourne HS
Most Wickets Award Darcy Hunkin (12 wickets) Adelaide HS
Wicket Keeper Award John Sanders (10c, 5s) Kent St HS
Strike Rate Award  Keegan de Kokker (126.25)      Kent St HS
Economy Rate Award Aqeel Wahid (1.95) Kent St HS
Coach Cory Hugo Kent St HS
Coach David Aldridge Kent St HS
Spirit of Cricket Award Kent Street
Overall Winner Kent Street

Team of the Carnival

  School Player
Keegan de Koker Kent St HS 1
Rivin Rajapaksa Melbourne HS 2
Erik Carrington Adelaide HS 3
Arvin Niranjan Sydney Boys 4
Aiden Davies Kent St HS 5
Aqeel Wahid Kent St HS          6
Jack Wilson Brisbane State HS 7
Joseph Rangiah Brisbane State HS 8
Hunar Verma Sydney Boys 9
John Sanders Kent St HS        10
Keegan O'Donnell Brisbane State HS 11
Darcy Hunkin Adelaide HS 12
Cameron Pereira Sydney Boys 13


Phil Hopton
Head of Specialist Cricket Program