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Five Highs Cricket Carnival 2017

5 highs 2017

Congratulations to the boys who have been selected in the team to represent Adelaide High School in the Five Highs Cricket Carnival for this year in Sydney. 

We are no longer allowed to take Year 12’s, which sees some younger students receive well earned opportunities. These students will be part of us trying to win the carnival for seventh consecutive year, before we host the carnival here at Adelaide High in 2018. Whilst Jeremy and I love to win and have success, the way that these students carry themselves as people and the experience, skills and values they learn and show on the trip is what it is all about for us.

Suraj Rajesh (Year 10)
Riki Boschma (Year 11)
Tyson Miller (Year 9)
Erik Carrington (Year 10) (wk)
Manush Patel (Year 10)
Liam Toovey (Year 9)
Sam Scrimgeour (Year 10)
James du Preez (c) (Year 11)
Mason Neagle (Year 11)
Samyak Jain (Year 10)
Liam Kent (Year 10)
Lachy Hodder-Trenwith (Year 9)
Ben Kelly (Year 9)

The results of the games will be progressively updated during the week of the Carnival (December 4 - 8).

Day  Game Score
December 4
 Adelaide V Sydney Boys HS  Game abandoned due to rain.
December 6
Adelaide V Kent St SHS  Game abandoned due to rain.
December 7
Adelaide V Brisbane SHS AHS 6-244 defeated BSHS 10-110
December 8
Adelaide V Melbourne HS  AHS 10-128 defeated MHS 10-87

Unfortunately for us, Kent St defeated Brisbane and were crowned champions of the tournament with (3 wins and 1 draw) 7points, Adelaide High were 2nd with (2 wins, 2 draws) 6 points. A bitter pill to swallow for our boys as we had played 2 games and won reasonably convincingly and were confident of chasing down 170 in our game versus Kent St that was washed out. 

From a Team of the Carnival and awards point of view, we were lucky enough to have 3 boys selected:

Erik Carrington: Keeper of the Carnival & Team of the Carnival
Ben Kelly: Best Bowling Strike Rate & Team of the Carnival
Riki Boschma: Team of the Carnival

All of these boys performed well throughout the carnival and with more opportunities, I am sure others would have made a strong case for selection also.

All in all from a cricketing point of view it was somewhat of a frustrating week. We played some good, positive cricket, trying to ensure the boys felt comfortable in their environment to perform their best without worry or nerves. However, it was hard to watch the boys’ faces seeing someone else take the trophy for the 1st time in 6 years, and knowing that they all felt like we could have been champions given the chance. 

The team was brilliantly led by James du Preez in his 3rd and final year of Five Highs. The respect and care he shows for the team is second to none. He is a credit to himself and all the boys will dearly miss his presence. Mason Neagle and Riki Boschma also on their final Five Highs were brilliant in taking the younger players under their wing on and off the field throughout the week and showed why they are so respected in the Adelaide HS Cricketing community.

From an off field point of view, it was an absolute pleasure to spend a week with these 13 fine young gentlemen. The empathy, care and camaraderie they showed as a group was a pleasure to watch and great reassurance of the path these cricketers are on. Feeling connected to each other and our values, whilst being able to execute their game at a high level with great respect shown to the game, the school and community. If you feel like you belong it is such a powerful tool enabling comfort, growth and success with values and morals. 


Phil Hopton
Head of Specialist Cricket Program