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Working in partnership to support punctuality and attendance

Adelaide High School is committed to maximising learning outcomes for every student.

Evidence highlights that there is a high correlation between attendance and achievement. I thank you for your partnership and support in ensuring your student attends school regularly and on time. 

Although the vast majority of our students arrive at school regularly and on time, we are committed to ongoing improvement in the overall area of punctuality and attendance. 

Being late for school has a negative impact on your student’s learning. We all run late sometimes however chronic lateness eventually takes its toll on a student’s overall educational experience.

Being just 10 minutes late every day adds up to an hour a week of lost learning. This adds up to one week of school missed in a year. Being late for class often means important interactions and learning opportunities are missed and the learning of other students in the class, is interrupted. Arriving at least 5 minutes before the school day begins allows your student time to prepare. The skills developed through attending school regularly and arriving on time, builds in our students the skills and capabilities that will prepare them not only for school, but for life.


It is important to contact your student’s pastoral care teacher if your student is experiencing other reasons for lateness that can be supported and addressed within the school setting. If your student will be late to school please contact student services with the reason for lateness or ensure there is a note in your student’s diary, signed by you. 

To support ongoing improvement in attendance and punctuality, a member of our Assistant Principal team will be in Student Services during lessons 1 and 2 every day. Part of their role will be to speak with students arriving to school late. For those students who do not have a valid reason, verified by parent/carer for lateness, they will:

  • complete yard duty during an identified break time during that day
  • return their signed yard duty slip to student services at the end of the day 

Please note that students who do not complete yard duty will be issued with an after school detention. 

Intervention to support change and address issues is an important part of this strategy. Your student’s House Manager will work closely with those students frequently late or absent from school, in partnership with you and our Wellbeing leaders, to support re-engagement. 

Thank you again for your partnership and support in helping your child develop the skills and capabilities that will support them in life. 

Kind regards

Cez Green