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Graduate Qualities

grad quals 2017

In 2013, the student body developed a set of Graduate Qualities, named Scholae et Vitae. 

Adelaide High School student leaders led a consultation process to identify these qualities in collaboration with student leaders from other regional DECD schools and a range of community representatives, such as local employers. The result of this work, the Adelaide High School Scholae et Vitae, led to staff redeveloping the graduating student reference. 

An ongoing goal for the school has been to ensure that the Graduate Qualities are mapped across the Pastoral Care Program and in the curriculum to ensure students have opportunities to develop these. The Graduate Qualities also define the ‘soft skills’ the school works to develop in students. These include:
Constructive personal and interpersonal skills
Active global awareness
Effective communication skills
An ability to work as an effective team member
Self-awareness and an ability to recognise and value the character strengths of others