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Year 10 Research Project Introduction

rp 2017

The following information is provided for Year 10 students to assist them with their planning for the Research Project which they will study in 2017.

All documentation was presented at the Research Project seminars held from 7-8 December, 2016.

Aim of the Program

  • Provide an introduction to the compulsory Stage 2 subject, the Research Project, and its requirements
  • Introduce the concepts of ethical research and the need to evaluate research sources before using them
  • Outline some of the different research processes which can be used to conduct research
  • Explain time management and personal organisation and their role in the Research Project
  • Outline the Planning phase of the subject and provide students guidance as they begin planning their own Research Project

Students undertaking this program off-site need to access the Student Booklet first of all. As you undertake the activities in the various sections, the booklet will refer you to other documents listed below.