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Centre for Hearing Impaired

Adelaide High School provides a Centre of Excellence and specialised services for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students.

Students enrolled in the Centre have access to all curriculum offerings and are offered support by trained Teachers of the Deaf or support staff.

Teachers of the Deaf chi2_2017

  • Encourage students to develop a positive self-concept and approach to their impairment, both as an individual and as a learner.
  • Use the best form of communication as agreed in the Negotiated Education Plan (NEP)  –oral /aural, Auslan.
  • Take an active role in modifying and adapting curriculum in line with the NEP.
  • Maintain and further develop close links with employer groups, Universities, TAFE and other providers of education and employment.

All students have a range of independent and supported learning environments.
Teachers of the CHI liaise with Australian Hearing and other outside agencies.

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment at the CHI is available to students with significant needs arising from hearing impairment and who have been recommended as eligible by members of a sensory panel (DECD).

Please see the Centre for Hearing Impaired Enrolment page for further information.