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2016 Senior Staff


Ms A Zocchi - Principal

Assistant Principals

Mr M Black – Assistant Principal, Data Management / Timetable / Middle School Focus
Ms N Bryant - Assistant Principal, Curriculum / SACE / Senior School Focus
Mr M Darley - Assistant Principal, ICT / ICT Curriculum / Learner Management Systems
Mr M Gurr - Assistant Principal, Middle School /  7 – 8 Transition
Mr M McLeod - Assistant Principal, Senior School Focus / Quality Assurance / Professional Development
Mr P Wilson - Assistant Principal, Global Education /Special Language Programs / International Programs / CIS


Ms L D'Aloia - Coordinator, VET and Enterprise Coordinator
Mr J Dimitriou - Coordinator, Design and Technology Studies / ICT Technologies
Mr J Dounas - Senior Leader/Coordinator, OHS&W / Facilities Management / School Operations 
Dr L Horrocks - Senior Leader/Coordinator, Learning Support and Extension / Centre for the Hearing Impaired
Ms K Andriopoulos - Coordinator, Science
Ms H Manning-Bennett - Coordinator, Languages Other Than English
Ms C Mewett - Coordinator, HASS
Ms M Michael - Coordinator, The Arts
Mr M Mena - Student Counsellor (and Careers)
Mr T Pettas - Coordinator, Mathematics
Ms J Ralph - Coordinator, Website / Publications / Promotions & Publicity / CIS
Ms S Shannahan - Coordinator, English & English as a Second Language
Ms A Vand'Ellis - Student Counsellor (and Careers)
Ms C Severin - Coordinator, Physical Education / Health / Home Economics (Term 2)

2016 House Managers

House Middle School  Senior School
Adey Mr M Woolfall
Mr T Warren
Macghey Mr T Trayans Mr G Richardson
Morriss Ms T Medlin
Ms K Andriopoulos
West Mr J Dimitriou
Mr C Menzies


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