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If a student is absent from school, parents/carers are asked to notify the school by phone in the morning.

Student Services phone number: 8110 0443 or 8110 0434

Upon the student’s return parents/carers are asked to write a note in the diary explaining the absence.

For Senior Students, if summative work has been missed or is late, a doctor’s certificate will also be required.

On any day a student is absent and there has been no notification to the school, an SMS message will be sent to the parents/carers’ mobile phone number, informing them of the absence.


Students who arrive at the school after 8:40 am must report to Student Services and register their late arrival through the school’s swipe card process. A note explaining the lateness is required in the diary. If the student does not have a note, the diary will be stamped, indicating the time of arrival.

Parents/carers should then indicate in the appropriate place the reason for the lateness and sign the diary. The signed diary note is to be shown to the Pastoral Care teacher the next school day.

Students who are late without a note will be required to report for yard duty during recess or lunchtime.