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Dr James Katsaros

Image of Dr James KatsarosThe recipient of the 2013 Vitae Medal is Dr James Katsaros.

Dr Katsaros was a student at ABHS from 1963 to 1967 and went on to study medicine. While at school, not only was he an exceptional scholar, a Prefect in 1966 and Head Prefect in 1967, he played football and cricket and represented the school in the Melbourne exchanges.

In 1983 he was awarded the Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is currently an examiner in the field, senior visiting consultant for the Royal Adelaide Hospital, clinical senior lecturer in the department of surgery at the University of Adelaide, and conducts his own practice. Dr Katsaros’ learning and work has seen him practice in Adelaide, the UK, and the USA and give of his time and expertise to a range of hospitals, boards and learning institutions, leading the field in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

While obviously leading a busy professional life, Dr Katsaros also found time to give to the community. He held the position of Patron of the AHS Old Scholars Association for many years, supporting the school and the old scholars in numerous ways.

Dr Katsaros has upheld the school’s motto, learning for life, and continues to contribute to the greater good, assisting in changing people’s lives through plastic and reconstructive surgery around the world, and in his work here in Adelaide.  It is clear he believes in the concept of service and is a most worthy recipient of the Vitae Medal.

Image: Dr James Katsaros (left) with President of the Old Scholars Association, Paul Volkov.