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Co-Curricular Activity Contacts and Details

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Adelaide High School develops individual and collective talents through student involvement in a range of experiences.

Co-curricular activities offered include:

  • Enrichment / Extension: Tournament of Minds, Debating, Chess
  • Cultural: Greek Dancing, Greek Band, Language Clubs
  • Government Initiatives: Premier’s Reading Challenge and Premier’s be active Challenge
  • Student Leadership: Prefects, Student Representative Council, Peer Leaders Program, House Captains, Middle School Leaders, Interact, International Ambassadors, Student Empowerment Program
  • Citizenship / Community Service Activities: Adopt a Grave, Ecovision, Interact, Birthing Kit packing, 40 Hour Famine
  • Sport - Girls Sport: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Touch Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball 
  • Sport - Boys Sport: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rowing, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Touch Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball
    The school participates in an annual sporting and cultural exchange with Melbourne High School and The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School.

Co-Curricular Activities Contacts

  • Adopt a Grave: Mr Michael Gurr
  • Birthing Kit Packing: Ms A Bandiera
  • Boys Sport: Ms Sue Shillabeer  / Ms Megan Sutherland
  • Chess: Dr Liz Horrocks
  • Chill Room: Mr Andrew Babirat
  • Cricket: Mr Phil Hopton / Mr Jeremy Appleton 
  • Debating: Ms Helen Manning-Bennett
  • Ecovision: Mr Michael Black
  • F1 in Schools: Mr Trevor Warren
  • Girls Sport: Mr Jeremy Appleton / Ms Megan Sutherland
  • International Programs: Ms Helen Manning-Bennett / Mr Phil Wilson
  • Library Monitors: Ms Ashleigh Bandiera
  • Maths Club: Ms Amy Worswick
  • Movie Making Club: Mr Michail Darley
  • Music: Ms Catherine Aldous, Mr Con Piliouras, Mr Tim Moors
  • Premier's be active Challenge: Mr Mark Woolfall
  • Premier's Reading Challenge: Ms Julie Ralph
  • Running with Scissors Theatre Company: Mr David Tyler
  • Rowing: Ms Lauren Kolega / Mr Daniel Ralph
  • Salvation Army Do Unto Others Program: Ms Georgina Evans / Mr Michael Gurr
  • Science Club: Ms Jess James / Mr Peter Hatcliffe
  • Signing Choir / Auslan Club: Ms Tanya McKinna / Ms Hannah Wallace-Yarrow
  • Student Magazine: Mr Scott MacLeod
  • Tournament of the Minds: Dr Liz Horrocks
  • Turn Your Health Around: Mr Mark Woolfall

Student Leadership Contacts

  • House Captains / Middle School Leaders: Mr Michael Gurr / Mr Mark Woolfall
  • Interact: Mr Michael Black
  • International Ambassadors: Mr Phil Wilson
  • Peer Leaders: Ms Jessica Salem
  • Prefects: Ms Julie Ralph
  • SRC: Ms Nicole Bryant