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Prefect Training Seminar 2013

Image of Prefect Seminar

On February 11, the Prefects attended the Prefect Seminar and dinner which is now a tradition at Adelaide High School.

We started the afternoon completing several activities to get to know our fellow Prefects better. After being allocated into pairs we conducted casual interviews and then were asked to present our partner to the rest of the Prefect group. This allowed us to all find out something new about each other and give us the chance to talk to someone we didn’t know very well.

During our meeting at the school we were addressed by Mr Papanicolas, Ms Andriopoulos, Ms Ralph and Ms Zocchi regarding the various activities we would be participating in throughout the year and what was expected of us. The 2012 Head Prefects came in and gave advice based on their experiences. Mr Papanicolas also showed us an inspiring speech by Glynis Nunn, an Olympian and Commonwealth games gold medalist, about making dreams into goals and achieving them. We completed a questionnaire to discover more about our personal leadership qualities and we also outlined some of our goals for the year. Later, we were put in groups and given a hypothetical situation which we had to discuss and conclude what our role as Prefects would be in the situation.

Once the seminar concluded, it was time to move to Minos Café on Henley Beach Road for dinner. We spent the early evening there, eating a lovely three course meal and conversing with one another as well as the teachers. It was really great to be able to spend the time with each other away from the school environment and be able to talk to the teachers, as not just their students, but as their friends. We all definitely had a wonderful evening and are keen to put into action the plans we’ve made for the year and achieve the goals we’ve set.

Mellie Tantalos and Isabella Hamann
Year 11 Prefects 2013

Image of Prefect Seminar     Image of Prefect Seminar