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2011 Prefect Fundraising Money Helps School Children in Need

Image of student and chairThe funds raised by the Prefects this year have reached their source and the children in Pengalusan in North Eastern Bali have been presented with the 20 desk chairs that were purchased from the Prefects’ donation.

The purchase of the desk chairs was organised by the Bali Dynasty Resort who support the East Bali Poverty Project which assists families in North Eastern Bali living in abject poverty without water, sanitation, roads, schools, health facilities and electricity.

The students were delighted to receive their much need new desk chairs which have enscribed on the back the words “Adelaide High School Prefects 2011.” Each child was told to take personal responsibility for their chairs and the school will soon be receiving a picture of the chairs the prefects sponsored and a picture of the student who is now responsible for looking after their chair.

Early in the year when the Adelaide High School Prefects were discussing where their fundraising dollars should go, Matthew Ralph, who is one of the Prefects, suggested the “Sponsor a Desk Chair” program because, having seen small Balinese villages and visited schools during his travels throughout Bali, he saw this project as a way of supporting an area in need. Given the Adelaide High School motto is “not only for school but for life”, the principles behind the East Bali Poverty Project – “helping people to help themselves” – were similar to that of the school. The 22 Prefects wholeheartedly agreed with the suggestion and set themselves the task of raising the money to pay for a number of the desk chairs, a task they succeeded in completing.

Matthew and one of the other Prefects, Gabby Fusco, are going to Bali in April 2012 and hope to be able to visit the schools and bring back photos of the schools and the desk chairs  to show the Adelaide High School community how their donation has benefitted the schools and the children.