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Peer Leaders

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A group of Year 11 students at Adelaide High School is specially trained as Peer Leaders to work with Year 8 students.

Peer Leaders assist Year 8s:

  • in their transition to Adelaide High School
  • to feel part of their House (Adey, West, Morriss, Macghey)
  • to develop support networks as they begin schooling at Adelaide High School
  • to develop new friendships
  • to get to know the various Adelaide High School Policies

The Peer Leaders also run sessions outlining the school's Anti-Harassment Policy via the Anti-Harassment Program.

The Peer Leaders visit Pastoral Care Groups during Pastoral Care sessions throughout the year to mix with the Year 8 students, to provide them with information about events at Adelaide High School and to in-service them on the school's Anti-Harassment Policy. On the first day of Term 1, they conduct guided tours of the school and organise activities to assist the Year 8s in developing friendships and familiarising themselves with the school.

In Term 2 they run a House sport competition for the Year 8s. 

2017 Peer Leaders





Emily Banks
Nishant Bazzad
Bhavika Bhavika
Cindy Huynh
Dion Lobotesis
Anna Markou
Aimee Moroney-Plouffe
Christina Nguyen
Anh-Thu Pham
Ty Phan
Magdalina Rajic
Miles  Reschke
Jessica Rokkas
Renee Tran
Kim Truong
Vincent Truong
Stralasia Vo
Kaartik Walia
Febie Wong
Zihan Zawad
Aniza Abdul Halim
Hudson Ballestrin
Jack Beales
Ocean Bushby
Quillen Economou
Yewon (Jessica) Han
Tyran  Hill 
Jinwon Kim
Georgia Kirby-Bastians
Cecile Moylan
Emily Sorensen
Jenny Tran
Alyssa Acosta
Tharaki Aluthwala
Ashwin  Benny
Amira Buela
Trenna Copas
Flo Figueroa
Annie  Huynh
Vincent Khang
Shanice Lay
Raymond Ngo
Lynn Nguyen
Kelly Tang
Darlyn Tan-Sik
Mikan Chen
Louise Duran
Tekhong Heng
Josie Heng
Nazam Kamboj
Monica Ly
Kevin Mo
Thuong Nguyen
Long Nguyen
Helen Nguyen
Andrew Tu
Sussan Vo