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Peer Leaders


A group of Year 11 students at Adelaide High School is specially trained as Peer Leaders to work with Year 8 students.

Peer Leaders assist Year 8s:

  • in their transition to Adelaide High School
  • to feel part of their House (Adey, West, Morriss, Macghey)
  • to develop support networks as they begin schooling at Adelaide High School
  • to develop new friendships
  • to get to know the various Adelaide High School Policies

The Peer Leaders also run sessions outlining the school's Anti-Harassment Policy via the Anti-Harassment Program.

The Peer Leaders visit Pastoral Care Groups during Pastoral Care sessions throughout the year to mix with the Year 8 students, to provide them with information about events at Adelaide High School and to in-service them on the school's Anti-Harassment Policy. On the first day of Term 1, they conduct guided tours of the school and organise activities to assist the Year 8s in developing friendships and familiarising themselves with the school.

In Term 2 they run a House sport competition for the Year 8s. 

2018 Peer Leaders





Winton La
Bhavika  Bhavika
Vivienne Niejalke
Skye Wongjirathiti
Poppy  Patrick
Michelle Neumann
Holly Baker
Isaac Lebessis-Gerace
Doyoun Kim
Conni Vlass
Sam Richardson
Darcy Hunkin
Riley Williams
Ravneet Tuteja
Mehak Kahlon
Sue Ven Lee
Jagreet Singh Malhi
Maja Korac
Shardul Mulye
Tiana Loechel
Zoe Tiffen
Eleni Mavrotsoupakis
Ranveen Tuteja
Lauren Ivancic
Hiya Modi 
Andres Santiago Guaqueta Medina
Yesser Alakkad
Khushi Shah
Ella Gussmann
Alyssa Cabrera
Jingya Liu
Danielle Xu
Luella Salt
Lily Sheridan
Sally Dubinina
Nicholas  Barone
Usayd Marikar
Lily Han
Reece Wang
Emily McGrath
Ariela Rose
Emily Fotopoulos
Kim Van
Karra Nam
Henry Chau
Tony Le
Alana Lysandrou
Andy Min
Isiah  Pilkington
Lisa Liao
Jonathon Nguyen
Mark Then
Wendy Tang
Tilly Gilfillan-Silk