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History and Future

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The Adelaide High School Rowing Club had its humble beginnings back in 1911 when Adelaide University donated it a boat.

The 21 founding members paid 10 shillings extra sports fee "as rowing is an expensive sport" and, following the purchase of a boatshed and another boat from the Scottish Corps, rowing began in earnest on Saturday March 25 1911.

In 1913 the school commissioned the building of the "AHS" and in 1916 raced Melbourne High School in the annual Exchange between the schools for the first time. In 1922 an eight was formed when Saints challenged AHS to a race over the Henley course: history would see Adelaide High win the race and the Head of the River Regatta begin.

Since those early days the club has had numerous highs, winning the Gosse Shield for schoolboy eights at Head of the River in 1958 - the school's Golden Jubilee Year, and winning numerous SARA schoolboy and schoolgirl championships.

In recent years the club has seen a resurgence in numbers with between 50 and 60 students now competing weekly for Adelaide High over the summer months. All the equipment has been updated in recent years thanks mainly to the bequest of Arthur William Watts and the fundraising efforts of the Friends of the Rowers Committee - an active parent body who supports the Rowing Club.

We hope that the Adelaide High "rowing family" continues to grow and that the students continue to develop skills, not only for school but for life - Non scholae sed vitae.

Recent Success Stories

  Premierships / State Championships / State Representation / National Medals
2017 Finn Castrique: RowingSA U19 Schoolboy Pathway 8
2012 Gianluca Pompili: U19M4x- State Championship
2011 Hayley Mannix:    Rowing SA Senior Female Premiership
                             Open SG 1x State Championship

George Petrescu: Year 9 SB 1x State Championship
2010 Daniel Ralph:       Rowing SA Junior Male Premiership
                             Silver medal U19M4- - Australian Rowing Championships
                             SA crew: Youth 8+ - Australian Rowing Championships
                             U19M4-, U19 2x State Championships

Hayley Mannix:    U17 2x State Championship

Gianluca Pompili: U17 2x State Championship

Sam Bugeja:        Year 9 SB 1x State Championship
2009 Daniel Ralph:       SARA Junior Male Premiership
                             Silver medal U19M2x - Australian Rowing Championships
                             Bronze medal U19M1x - Australian Rowing Championships
                             SA Crew: Australian Youth Olympic Festival
                             SA crew: Youth 8+ - Australian Rowing Championships
                             SA Crew: Australian Youth Cup
                             U17 1x, U17 2x, U17 4x, 2nd Grade 1x, 1st Grade 2x State Championships
2008  Daniel Ralph:        Year 10 SB 1X State Championship


Daniel Ralph:        Year 9 SB 1X State Championship


  Recent Old Scholars State and National Representation
2017 Finn Castrique: RowingSA U19 Schoolboy Pathway 8
2011  Daniel Ralph: SA Selection
2009  Jessica Molsher-Jones: Australian selection 
2007  Maja Fiddler: SA & Australian Selection
Jessica Molsher-Jones: SA selection