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The Beauty of Adelaide High School

When looking for a High School for our two daughters we had three priorities – first, one that could supply a good academic education, second, one which offered a wide selection of academic subjects as well as extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and third, one where they could develop friendships which could endure beyond school. We found all of this at Adelaide High School.

Both of our daughters were fortunate enough to be selected for entry into Adelaide High School, and as parents we have felt a deep sense of gratitude. One is now at University having had five years at Adelaide High and the other is currently in Year 11, and what they have experienced here has been beyond anything that we had envisaged. We have watched them grow into fine young women and recognise that in their journey they have been supported by an exceptional staff, both teaching and ancillary.

It is indeed a special place; a place with a strong sense of community, where students are valued and where respect is seen as a cornerstone of the educational program. More importantly, our daughters have received a well rounded education where they have had opportunities to undertake leadership roles and to understand that leadership, while a great privilege, also carries great responsibility. They have developed into young women with deep intercultural understanding and have had opportunities to interact with like-minded students across the country and the globe.

Why send your child to Adelaide High School? Why would you not? It is an excellent school built by outstanding parents, teachers, staff and old scholars – an entire school community. It is a welcoming, safe, supportive, caring and collaborative environment from Year 8 through to Year 12. It actually starts when the students are in Year 7 and they receive their first structured introduction to Adelaide High School during Transition Day, and this is when as a parent, you get the feeling that you have made the right choice.

You have only to walk into the school to sense the pride that students feel for the place and its traditions. The ethos of the school is evident from the smallest detail, such as the way that students greet each other and the way they greet their teachers, to the magnificent formal assemblies in which all aspects of school life are celebrated. The Adelaide High School motto sums it up: non scholae sed vitae ... not only for school but for life”.

Steve and Helen Kapsambelis