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Scholae et Vitae

As a student at Adelaide High School for the past 5 years, I’ve been able to grow into a global citizen who has been offered a wide range of learning opportunities both in the traditional school setting and in communities interstate and overseas through the school’s sister school connections and overseas study tours.

The school motto, Non Scholae Sed Vitae, Not only for school but for life, shows that the school acknowledges that the education a student gains here assists in the development of life skills and is the foundation for students’’ future careers. To build a strong foundation, Adelaide High School offers many opportunities for its students; a range of subject choices, sports opportunities, VET and Career Pathway options and Leadership Positions. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them and as they undertake them, they are supported by staff, students, families and the wider Adelaide High School community.

Student Voice is a significant feature of this school.  This is important as the students have a real say about what happens in the school and their opinions matter. Student Leaders help to ensure opinions from students are heard and real action is taken by reporting back directly to the Leadership Team. As students feel their opinions matter, it creates a very positive community, a community where students strive for their personal best.

The school acknowledges that technology is an important factor in education and support this by ensuring each classroom has a data projector and that each student has their own laptop. The school also has DayMap, a learner management system, which enables students to access assignments and revision materials from home. The school has furthered its goal to produce independent learners by introducing video lessons for both junior and senior science classes. Similar to University videos, teachers narrate their presentations which include graphics, allowing students to visualise what they are learning. These resources are accessible for students to view not only on their laptops, but also on their portable devices such as phones, iPads and iPods.

Regardless of our nationalities, our age, our leadership positions or gender, every student is treated equally by both staff and students. Approximately 62% of students at Adelaide High School come from a Non-English speaking background creating a culturally diverse community which is celebrated in a number of ways. The Student Leaders have made long lasting commitments to the principles of respect for cultural difference and human rights with the opening of the Hallway of Human Rights in 2003 by the Student Representative Council. This Hallway is a central location for all Human Rights activities undertaken in the school. Adelaide High School ensures it operates within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all students learn this from Year 8 during the Peer Leader program.

As a result of my education at Adelaide High School, I go confidently in to the world with a number of qualities:
•    Constructive personal and interpersonal abilities
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Citizenship
•    Active global awareness
•    Effective communication skills
•    An ability to work as an effective team member
•    Self-awareness and an ability to recognise and value the character strengths of others.

Minh Tan Pham
SRC President
Deputy Head Prefect